Australian Video Game Industry – One Pager

Global gaming industry worth AUD$125bn a year (July 2015)
Australian computer game development industry (“The Industry”) contributed AUD$2.46bn to the Australian economy
Australian Film & TV contributed AUD$5.8bn (February 2015)
The industry is expected to grow beyond AUD$3bn by 2017
The industry outperforms all other entertainment mediums but does not enjoy the same tax concessions/federal support
The AUD$20m Australian Interactive Game Fund […]

Castlevania (NES)

Of the NES games experienced, and despite prejudices towards other games (which were not necessarily based on any specific objective reasons), I would have to give “best overall game” honours to Castlevania.  Which was a surprise as, for whatever reason, I hadn’t given it any specific attention in the lead up the this retro gaming […]

Metroid (NES)

There is just something about Metroid that just makes it feel, awesome.  And this feeling comes before I’ve even had the chance to play it.  And unfortunately, my critical thinking and writing skills are failing me, as is my ability to clearly tease out the reasons for why Metroid is so good.

I’m not sure what […]