Today’s game was Adventure.  Just like Pitfall, this was a nice little game to play.  At its heart its a simple maze game, with a few little twists such as useable game objects and enemy dragons.  It had some frustrating aspects, but overall, achieving the game’s objective of returning the Enchanted Chalice to the Golden Castle was quite satisfying.  This satisfaction came from successfully negotiating the labyrinths and catacombs, successfully using the game objects of keys, bridges and swords to progress and outsmarting those pesky dragons Yorgie, Grundle and Rhindle.  I didn’t use all the game objects to their fullest potential, such as using the golden key to thwart attacks by Yorgie the dragon.  This probably would have increased my sense of satisfaction with the game even more (that is by playing the game smarter instead of bludgeoning my way through it…alas, I’ve limited time).

I particularly liked how a “Fog of war” type mechanic was used to obscure much of the player’s view while negotiating the catacombs (at first I thought the game program was having a glitch…but a quick peruse of the instructions resolved that!).  Remembering the path within the labyrinth was hard enough for my old noggin, but adding that “fog” was a nice and simple challenge to add to the gameplay.  I also thought that the ability to “reincarnate” after getting killed by a dragon was quite neat as well – and necessary given the frustration that Yorgie the dragon caused (sometimes he’d be there to kill you within a heart beat of respawning!)

Probably the most disappointing aspect of the game was the very bland character icon…a plain old square.  The dragon’s were quite well done and detailed.  Not sure why this was.

And yes…I did manage to return the Enchanted Chalice to the Golden Castle!

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