In terms of providing game design tips, Super Breakout isn’t too dissimilar to Space Invaders.  At its heart, Super Breakout is an enhancement of Pong.  Unlike Pong, Super Breakout has been given a space-based theme to it, which is communicated to the players by the instructions and box art (there is nothing in the game itself to convey this theme – which is understandable given the limited tech available).  Once again, some slight variations on some of the core game mechanics provides opportunities for different types of games (for example, “Cavity” where two balls are captured in cavities within the “force field” that can be released and used to supplement the standard ball to blast away force field cells).

Probably the main tip, similar to that of Space Invaders, is the mechanic of increasing the game’s challenge as progress is made.  This is achieved through the speeding up of the ball used to destroy force field cells and by reducing the size of the players “paddle” – both of which make it more difficult for the player to successfully rebound the ball.


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