To be honest – I had no real expectations or objectives for Gravigation in terms of downloads.  And my monetization strategy was a little hamfisted (a bunch of UnityAds videos tied to a few menu buttons).  I checked my stats today and Gravigation has had about 60 downloads and is steady at around 30 for the number of devices it has remained active on.

This is quite pleasing.

I’m also getting about a 33% rate of UnityAds videos being watched through to completion (the point at which I get credited).  After about 7 videos I received a Revenue of about $1.80USD…Gravigation is now sitting at 52 videos (which roughly translates to $13USD).  I can  invoice the Play Store once I reach $100USD in revenue…if I get to that sort of figure – I reckon I should be buying a lottery ticket and making a donation to a worthy charity!

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